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Gloria pszyk
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About Me I am a widow of 7 years and and I am 70 years old. Hopefully I will be a first time grandmother of twins this year. My daughter is 46 yrs. old and is expecting twins in July through IVF. I also have a son that's 44 yrs. old. Being a widow is lonely but good friends and family and GOD has been a good support group for me.
Gloria pszyk
Chirp Chirp Chirp
183 days ago

Hi Ellen, would love to be in your audience to see you in person. You have a generous heart and so compassionate. Also would love if you were to have a show for parents who is going through IVF like my daughter. She's had 3 miscarriages and had to pay out of pocket for IVF. Feel sorry for these people who love kids and can't have them on there own. Please have a show with baby giveaways for all these future parents to be!!! Watch your show everyday, it fills my heart with joy.