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Gloria Grisham
Name Gloria Grisham
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About Me Loving, Mother and Grandmother, friendly, helpful and strong love for making others happy!
Gloria Grisham
Ellen's CD 'I'm Gonna Make You Dance Jams' Is Here!
260 days ago

Hey Ellen,

I love to dance and I live in a senior citizens 55+ complex. Some of us had really fun Halloween Party since this is a new place to get to know one another and I won 2nd price for looking like Madea,Jeradine and Shannay nah .... Lol the we all started to do the "Electric Slide". I would love to come to your show and show you the dance with the seniors boogy. I'd love to meet you and most of all dance with you in person. Hey Lady let me know if you want Las Vegas Santa Barbara Palms Steppers come to perform on your show!... Hallah

Gloria Grisham
You Write, Ellen Responds!
260 days ago

Please let me be one of the people who win this year or participate somehow in the 12 days of Christmas. I'm a mother, grandmother with 10 children who would love to see a smile on their faces this year. I'm currently on SSDI and don't have anything to give them. I don't even have money to enjoy for myself. ANNNNNNNNNYTHING OF A GIFT OR ACKNOWLEDGMENT WOULD BE THE BEST GIFT FOR MY ENTIRE FAMILY. I HAVE 5 CHILDREN ADULTS.