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Glenda Seradilla
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About Me I am a mother of three and I have a wonderful man in my life.I am poor but bless with much more than money. I teach Zumba classes and cardio . I do landscaping and clean people's house for a living. I love helping people in anyway I can . I love cooking , Planting, fishing ,drawing,fitness,sewing
Glenda Seradilla
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224 days ago

I love watching Ellen show and she always makes people happy and have a good spirit to carry on . That's angel in my book.Life is to short and she show people that helping and being kind to others makes life worth living.Life is to love and to give.You shared all that to all men kind. God bless Ellen.some time I wish I have so much more so I can help more people the way you do .My sister died last year with cancer and I helped her financially for 3 years.I couldn't save last words to her was I wish I fix everything.i told her shes a wonderful kind person.Now I have a brother in Hawaii and he has cancer.he wants to see Lasvegas with his wife before its too late.I am having fund raising for him.I have $2000 dollars now that I can buy his tickets. A friend Dr. donated $1000 with that.I am going to continue to do this till March. My brother wants to go on his birthday if he lives that far.I don't want anything I just want to tell you Thank you for being who you are. Also thank you to Target I love shopping there too.Merry Christmas to you and to your love ones.i love your show!Aloha from Glenda