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Glenda McCasland
Name Glenda McCasland
Location Crowley, tx
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Hobbies sewing crafts, garage sales. shopping
About Me I am married and 2 grown girls and 3 grand children 2 girls and 1 boy. Our oldest grand daughter lives with us and youngest daughter lives with us , she is 38 yrs old and mental retarded, We have a good time together, not we laugh alot, my husband is so funny , he makes us laugh all the time. he would say someone is worst off more than we are. so true Thanks
Glenda McCasland
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131 days ago

Hello Ellen, I am going to tell you about Kim Cox, She lost her job and her car won't start. Christmas is coming and no present for her kids, their ages are 20 yrs old 18 yrs , and 15 yrs. Good kids and close knit family, Love keeps them together,She would enjoy a new car or even the 12 days of Christmas Well you have a very merry Xmas, and also LOVE YOUR CHRISTMAS CARD.

Glenda McCasland
It's Day 3 of 12 Days!
132 days ago

Hello Ellen, glad you are having so much fun, I really like your show and I laugh so much waiting for the scare to happen. I would really like to come to your show and see California and look for all the movie stars. of course would like to see you in person and of course win