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Glenda Koltko
Name Glenda Koltko
Location Dundalk, Md.
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Hobbies Creating unique floral arrangements. More hobbies will be in my life as soon as my health improves.
About Me I am a 63 year old woman who 15 married and I have 3 biological children and 2 stepsons. Unfortunately I have a positive relatioship with only one of them--my 2nd daughter. My 38 year old son died last year. He was the one I was closest to. Unlike the other grown children he wasn't a crack head or herion addict and had NEVER stolen from me. As you can imagine my world crumbled when he died. Had he still been alive my youngest stepson (after I took him when he was released from jail of 8 yrs)would not have gotten away with his constant steeling from me. He's back on herion and supplied his addiction by stealing my Christmas money, 2 PS3 I was going to sell, my favorite camera and most of my jewelry. He was fortunate to get a job after jailtime making $44.00 dollars an hour--that was incredible!! It was short lived due to his stealing thousands of dollars of tools and copper. He will be going back to jail. I forgive him but he will never live with me again. My oldest daughter has a severe mental disorder and a crack cocain addiction. But all is well because I have a wonderful husband and an awesome 14 yr. old grandson we've been raising. The good outweighs the bad thanks to the Lord. I really had no intention to babble on about all this negativity to you but it seems like I know you. I used to watch your sit-com many yrs. ago and was dissapointed when you got canned. But what an awesome comeback!! You are my favorite person on T.V. You have inspired me as I watch you every afternoon @ 4:00 est. Your beautiful heart encompasses your entire being. Your talent and wit cracks me up. So Ellen even though you had no clue your show is a bright spot as I am usually in bed dealing with an unknown future and battleing pain. You have made my heart smile by your kindness, compassion, energy and your wit. Woman you are FUNNY!!!! Thank you for being who you are and for making me smile when I'm at my lowest. You are my special hero and if it is possible to love someone you've never met I love you as a person with meaning who is changing a part of our world and loves doing so. I wish you and Porsha a very merry Christmas and a wonderful new year. Please don't retire from your show anytime in the near future--I need you and your show!!! xoxoxoxox
Glenda Koltko
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172 days ago

Hey Ellen,

Pardon my lack of wharever but I want you to know you're my hero.
my only problem right this minute (as I type) I keep laughing cause your face is always laughing.

Pardon me as I must retire laughing.LOL

Happy laughing,
Glenda Koltko

P.s. I would LOVE to get a gift from you--even a pair of
dirty socks would do. Do you need my address?? Please advise--
looking oh so forward to hearing from you. OH do you need my phone no?