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Ginny Ludwikowski
Name Ginny Ludwikowski
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Hobbies Yard work, swimming, taking care of the animals at home and on the street. Spending time with family.
About Me I am a mother,co-worker, church member, widow, student, animal lover. I love my job and the great customer service that I can bring to the public.
Ginny Ludwikowski
12 Days Tix and Australia! Are You Koala-fied?
388 days ago

Morning Mrs. Ellen, I have always wanted to come on your show and have written in many of times. I also have encouraged my children to write in to your show, and maybe they have and I don't know about it. My younger son who is special needs says "Mom Ellen will never come to Barstow and we will never get to go to her show" that is for special people that are struggling worse then we are. WOW, I thought Ellen. Ellen I am struggling with working and school and raising young adults trying to find their seleves in this crazy world never giving up. When my son stated that to me I just cried. Is this true Ellen that you would never come to Barstow?
Ellen we watch your show everyday and it never seems to fail when I coming in the door my kids already have your channel on which is channel 4 here in Barstow, CA. Ellen we have alot of things wrong with our old home and in need of an extra room for my daughter and our pool fixed and groceries can you help Ellen.
I work for DOD/USMC, we just got our furrlough letters and they are cutting our pay and days, how are we goign to be able to make it. I just tell my children that as long as we have a roof over our heads we will be good. When applying for food stamps for groceries they turned me down. Ellen thank you for letting me get some kind of peace and enjoyment form you and your show you are the best. Thank you again from Barstow, CA.
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