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Ginger Walker
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About Me married almost 2 years now,(2nd marriage,my 1st husband passed away a week before Christmas in 1993) no children of my own, our dogs Lena & Lacy are my "children", I love them bunches & man are they spoiled. I have a wonderful husband, 3 step children & 3 grand children and they are all wonderful & I love them very much! the youngest will be 2 on 12/07/2012 & his name is Bentley. Bentley will have a little brother or SISTER in April, we're all looking forward to that! Merry Christmas to you & yours. xoxoxoxoxo
Ginger Walker
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570 days ago

I could not watch ELLEN today @ 4:00 (channel 10) because of the Hyundai Sun Bowl on TV instead of ELLEN...which means I cannot participate in Ellen's flurry of give aways.So I thought I'd watch today's episode on Ellen's website but for some reason I cannot watch the whole episode, I can only watch a few segments,and not all of them. Boy am I really mad! Why can't I watch today's episode online? I won't be able to enter today's secert word for the flurries contest unless I just guess & I really don't want to do it that way. AM I doing something wrong? Help...gotta watch it to enter! Sign me,....VERY UPSET on New Year's Eve :(