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Hobbies getting down with the "REAL Jersey Shore"
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Gina Leigh
A Day in Ellen's Photos, Featuring DJ Pauly D!
548 days ago

looking forward to when "The Real Jersey Shore" is on Ellen
Hard working middle class poeple keeping their heads up trying to help eachother with basic needs still ... Some are just getting out of shelters while others are still waiting...
passing around the request form For Hurricane Sandy Victims to be apart of the show, I am giving it to the Orgs, and families...
Thank you for keeping us in your prayers and we are aware of the help you have given us already.. Thank You... Truly Thank you...
Sorry if this comment is not relevant to this picture which I truly have no comment for other than, this is what was wrong here at the shore giving our community a bad reputation as being fist pumping fools!
A show full of people that are not from The Jersey Shore at all!
A show that was poisoning our children and we are all glad its done!
This is an image we want to erase...
We are hard working people that care for each other still working hard to help the person next to us <3