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About Me I'm a television professor with a passion for fashion and politics. My children are my life and my life is centered around "What would Dahlia do?"
Gina Dahlia
Ellen Responds to Your Tweets!
457 days ago

I LOVE your show and so does my former student AJ Clemente. I was his TV college professor and I'm making a plea on his behalf. You may have heard of him, a viral sensation after he accidentally dropped the f-bomb LIVE on the air--first job after college, first time on the air, first words out of his mouth. Anyways, his clip went viral and it has been a media frenzy in NYC. He's heading back to North Dakota and would LOVE to have the opportunity to respond to the incident on your show (because he loves and respects you). AJ is a genuinely nice kid and has been a good sport about the unfortunate accident. You can tweet me at @ginadahlia or AJ at @ClementeAJ THANK YOU!!! Gina