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Giancarlo Becattini
Name Giancarlo Becattini
Location Santo Domingo , Dominican Republic
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Hobbies Rc racing
About Me I am 14 years old, i study at st. Joseph school, 8th A. My mom owns a gym for kids who are in special need. We are in money crisis, but we still give the kids of down syndrome the attention that they require, and kids that are born with deceases that they cant avoid , and obesity. If you want to look at this amazing gym please visit ITS IN SPANISH if you may want me to go there to talk about it :)
Giancarlo Becattini
Ellen Pompeo Talks About Boston
444 days ago

You should have the jonas brother talking about their new song pom poms. I am a huge fan of yours from the dominican republic, i watch you every day. I love all of your jokes and sarcastic comments. I would really like to meet you. I am still at school im 14 years old, i study at st joseph school.

Thanks for your attention