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Ed  Blais
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About Me I will be 70 in May I watch your show twice every day Love it
Ed  Blais
Message from Ellen
209 days ago

Happy New Year to you also Hope the new year brings us better lifestyle than 2013 We have had 2 accidents not caused by us but others , our car needs repair even more than caused by accidents and is not under warantee because it was caused by rock, we had water problems in the house and must finish some issues in house that was not completed by contractor My husband will be 70 in May 2014 and he has emphysema and I will be 69 in July 2014 It is a great thing that our neighbours have helped with snow removal because we have been bombarded with snow so far But all in all it could be worst Have a great and blessed 2014

Ed  Blais
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235 days ago

Ellen would love to be on your show We look at your show every day twice that is from 4:00 to 5:00 and then 5:00 to 6:00 om another channel We cannot go and see you on your show even if we wanted because my husband cannot take the plane so best thing is to watch you on tv twice a day You rock Hugs x0