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gerry davison
Name gerry davison
Location jacksonville, florida
Age 66
Joined 684 days ago
Hobbies family
About Me im 64 years old,i have 2 grandbabies,3 children ,2 cats,1 dog,loving my life
gerry davison
Message from Ellen
173 days ago

saw your commercial last night for first time, loved it made me want to get up and dance!!

gerry davison
Adoptable Pets of the Week
175 days ago

i feel so bad for these beautiful animals, wish i had room for a them all!! im looking now for a small or medium dog.i hope to find one soon!!

gerry davison
Win Day 13 of 12 Days!
214 days ago

here i am!!!,cant you see or here me? hope so, just waiting on you to tell me i won!!, love ya and Merry Christmas!!

gerry davison
Win All the Day 1 Prizes from 12 Days!
232 days ago

omg!! my entry keeps on loading and wont let me enter!!!help!!!! im going crazy!thanks for the chance anyway!

gerry davison
Win All the Prizes from Day 7 of 12 Days!
591 days ago

good evening ellen ,im so cofused trying to enter you contests,i must be having a ole lady moment. love ya anyway!!this would really make a difference in christmas.thank you for the chance!!

gerry davison
Ellen's Playlist: September 10, 2012
681 days ago

what blog entry? im not a blogger,can i just talk about the show?,dont know what ablog is!help im lost already an cant get started,oh well,i have to watch your show ,you really brighten my day ,when im am so down i know at 4 pm. im gonna be laughing,thanks ellen for being there.gotta google to find out what a blog is so tomorrow i wont be so dumb,i see it on face book but never paid attention to it.can i kinda use this as diary for me,not doing so good,an someone says it helps to write it down,is there a letter limit?,love dave mathews,mercy mercy, iwas disapointed,i didnt win tickets,but we all cant go,i really tried.gonna close not but love ya happy 10 years