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Gerlinde Gruettner
Name Gerlinde Gruettner
Location Saranac, NY
Age 57
Joined 549 days ago
Hobbies Painting, crafting, turning old things into new, refinishing furniture.
About Me I'am 56 years old, a mother of two and grandmother of two. I love the Ellen Degeneres show, never miss an episode, if I can help it. I used to work construction, running heavy equiptment to just plain laboring. Started my own business doing murals and fantasy rooms for kids and grownups alike. I do pet portraits, upholstery work and alot of other things, but was in a very bad car accident when someone ran a stop sign and hit me in the drivers door doing 55. Left me unable to do the things I love doing, facing and already having surgery to repair injuries I received. Also taking away my income, and leaving me trapped in a really bad relationship with my daughters father, but Ellen gives me the inspiration to get through each day, makes me laugh when I can't and inspires me to do and be kind to others everyday no matter what. Happy Birthday Ellen. Thanks for putting some happiness back into my life.
Gerlinde Gruettner
Happy Birthday, Ellen!
549 days ago

I just wanted to wish Ellen the very best of birthday's, you deserve it. You are the kindest, caring, most generous person I have not had the pleasure of meeting, but inspires me everyday to do kind and nice things. I love your show, and whether you know it or not, you help me make it through each day. You make me smile and laugh, even when I can't. Mine is a long story, and I don't want to bring you down on your birthday, but to thank-you for being who you are. I love you and your show and other than my children and grand-children, you are what gives me strength to get through another day. So thank-you and a very Happy Birthday.