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Geri La Place
Name Geri La Place
Joined 592 days ago
Hobbies Photography, Gardening, Crafts, Ceramics, Travel shows, Antique window shopping.
About Me 71, Retired-craft and antique dealer, AAA dispatcher, business owner (several)+ many side jobs. Previous, when kids were young a scout leader and 4H leader. Would love to travel. A friend took me on the trip of anyones live to Africa & England. Four great children, 10 super grand-children, 1 beautiful lettle red headed ggrand-child and many grand-doggers and grand-kitties. I should mention a fair ground turtle. One of the little ones that don't usually make it. This guy is at least 12 yrs old and still kicking. Married 52yrs. No complaints. Sounds like a obit, huh?
Geri La Place
Message from Ellen
387 days ago

So happy when Ellen is on and I have time to take a "set down" to relax and enjoy your company.
Have a super time on the Australian trip of a lifetime.
Thank you for being such an up person. It seems all the folk that work around you are happy ones. Pz keep us laughing.
Take care, Geri

Geri La Place
Summer Reading List
387 days ago

Funny melons and lemons, both have the same letters. I have done the same thing. My excuse is dyslexia. Too funny.

Geri La Place
Message from Ellen
550 days ago

Wishing a beautiful birthday to a beautiful person. Have a stomping good time.
Would love to come to the show some day. Need to get a friend that has free time to ride w/me.
Sure you have been told this many times, YOU are one in a million. The world needs more Ellen's.
Take care.

Geri La Place
Pecan Pie
592 days ago

Starting, should state trying to start a vegan diet after 2heart procedures and 1yr breast cancer survivor.
Thinking something is dreadfully wrong and I imagine it is too much meat in my diet for my age. (71)
Sure hope I find good recipes as I love to cook and my husband loves to eat. Looks like this site will be the answer. Will have to continue the meat for him. It will not be hard to do this as I have been cutting back on meat lately. Sadly I have been having a new craving and that is for sweets. Reason for checking out the pie. Naughty!
I checked the pecan pie out, sounds yummy. Is the maple syrup a sub for the barley malt syrup?