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georgina scott
Name georgina scott
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Hobbies art, singing, swimming
About Me i like to listen to justin biebers music as he shows his true feelings and emotions in all of his songs and his voice is just amazing x
georgina scott
Justin Bieber
535 days ago

i love justin bieber he is just so down to earth and respects his friends, family and fans. his eyes are just amazing and they glow in the light and his smile makes my day and i feel down and he brings my spirits back up but unfortunately i am not going to be able to go to his concert but i hope one day in the future i might be able to get a meet and greet ticket hopefully. but chances of meeting him is less for me as i live all the way in england so its not likely i will bump into him after he has been to a restaurant or somewhere else :( when i see him on interviews i know that he is just a normal person and that some of the fans need to give him some space which everyone needs,wants and deserves, but we all know how very grateful he is for getting this opportunity he was so fortunate to get. i love him so much because of course i don't know everything about him and know one can say they do but i just like his msic and his vioce and how talented and down to earth he really is and of course i like how handsome he is but i love him for him and not just for a perfect face. :)
p.s. i love your show - whoever is on it.