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georgina pilar
Name georgina pilar
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Hobbies Cooking, walking, cuisine et la marche...
About Me I work on a snack bar, (Andorra la vella)....I have 4 brothers and 3 sisters....4 nephews and 2 nièces....voilà. Je travaille dans un snack bar (Andorra la vella)...j'ai 4 frères et 3 sœurs.....4 neveux et 2 nièces..voilà.
georgina pilar
Caution: Glitter
600 days ago

what, to open a store that specialized lesbian what should not hear without messing......they can all wear what is foremost a human being....what is this ridiculous label.....all insist on to stop judging, criticizing apply is not objects but all humans before then accept us as we are and everything will be fine. hi...Ellen you are great tenderness.....

georgina pilar
Message from Ellen
601 days ago

hi Ellen, i know never have to meet you there myself here, as i'm not a paparazzi to track all your facts and gestures...this explains it...i wanted this brief just to tell you i'm on the internet one day fell on one of your shows, and to be honest, i struggled to get rid of because i was captivated by the issuance by you and especially your eyes captivating and since i'm often on the internet for watching your sub headline (French)...and i also bought your book "seriously....i'm kidding"...i usually do not read, but when i started reading your book i was so enthralled, i had a lot of crazy laugh, i had a lot of emotions because you wrote this book as author do little to directly address the reader acts as a real....i had the impression that you were ready for me, like a friend who tells....i find on a lot of help me to approach life differently i thank you very much...really sincerely

georgina pilar
Giada De Laurentiis is Cooking!
602 days ago

I love your show would it be possible that one day they are subtitled in're beautiful...with so much authenticity...thank you.

j'adore vos émission serait il possible qu'un jour ils sont sous titré en français...vous êtes magnifique...avec tellement d'authenticité.....merci.

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