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Georgette Gagliardi
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Georgette Gagliardi
Message from Ellen -- Week of September 14-18
208 days ago

My kids and i really love you. You are so different, you love everyone no distinction yes you beautiful inside and out. You have blessed so many people this holiday season I know for sure at the dinner table a lot conversation , wen come to pray your name was mentioned God bless you and your WIFE she are so lucky to have you as husband.
I love you

Georgette Gagliardi
It's Day 12 of 12 Days!
213 days ago

All I can say I love you and your wife.

Thank you to change so many people life

My fiance and my to daughters adore you? And your look!!! you are the best I wish I be bless to met you one day.
I wish you bless my fiance to . He have some health problems.

Georgette Gagliardi
Find Out About Revolt TV
248 days ago

I been trying to send message to Ellen.
But never figure how to do it. Tank you a widow five kids on my own. Need help with my business. I own my on salon and can afford any!!! I don't know were to start. To much on me my car was totally Lost on the accident trying to go b yo the event to save my hose. I have a long story I can ride a book on my life.
I don't know I need help now PLEASE Ellen.

Georgette Gagliardi
Message from Ellen
248 days ago

watching your show for me is have a good day. that is the best time of my day? watching You put a smill on my face.And knowing other people having a smill on the face Give all of os a years plus on livind enother word watching you is stress free. OH YES. Most of my costomer agree with me we all having good time on your show time
You have bless so many in need.
BUT i'm not saying this to be mean. PLS don't take this seriously. PLS... PLS...I beeb trying to be on your show after my hosband passed away i was so depressed after one year i was in a car accident strugglin with my 5 kids alone i wanted to cry on your shoulder. There is the way to send you a message i really wont you to read my message.
I say to my self one day comes i will be on your show i have so mush to say on my life i can rid a book on my life
My kids and I LOVE YOU and your Spouse