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George Escarra
Name George Escarra
Location Pembroke Pines, Florida
Age 61
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Hobbies Swimming,,boating,traveling,movies,shooting pool,and bowling
About Me I am 61yrs. I am now living with my Mom.She is 80yrs young.I am here to take care of her.I am a latino male.5ft.5in. I love to watch tv and watch of coarse Ellen!!! I like to take walks on the beach and love to be with the family.
George Escarra
Ashley or Mary-Kate?
89 days ago

HI ELLEN!!!! I wanted to say i have loved you since when you had your sitcom.You are beautiful and a caring lady!! I love your show you are the best talk show i have seen.If you like you can go on my facebook and check out on my timeline a video which is my MOM dancing with my SISTER and my SISTER-IN-Law and my Brother in the background.They were dancing HAPPY.My MOM is 80 years old.She was dancing like she was back in her 40's.THe sad thing the reason i am bring this up is right after she finish dancing she went to sit down and fell and fracture her hip.My mom loves your SHOW!!!She watches your show every day.I moved down here fro m Charlotte N.C. to take care of my MOM she is MY BEST FRIEND!! I thought it would be so cool if you could show that video on your show.We all have called it THE DANCING QUEEN.Everybody in the hospital and at the rehab knows about the video even her therapist that comes to the house.My MOM is a strong lady she doing so well.I believe she will be walking within 2 months.She has no idea that i am writing to you.I understand you are busy lady,but if you cannot show the video.I thought maybe you could write her a letter.That would totally blow her mind.We live in Pembroke Pines,Florida.My address is 12650 SW 6th Street Apt.413,zip.33027.Ellen i wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL JOY YOU HAVE BROUGHT TO MY MOM AND MY SELF!!OH i forgot my name is George Escarra.GOD BLESS YOU!!!