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George Cooper
Name George Cooper
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About Me Have had a most interesting life, married over 60 years to a "special agent for the FBI", have 5 children with 14 grandchildren[one passed]and 6 great-grandchildren[still counting!] Huge Steeler fan with season tickets and a brick at Heinz Field with name on it. Excellent life until my husband developed dementia late in life and now all efforts are spent dealing with his condition.
George Cooper
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200 days ago

Dear Ellen,
I'm writing on behalf of my mother, Ernistine Cooper, who has the privilige of being in your live audience today. While my mother may not be your oldest or most passionate fan, she would most definitly be on the short list of your oldest most devoted fans if such a list were compilied. She was born 4/3/1932 in Harmoney West Virgina[Harmoney was Uncle Lew's gas station-post office-store,with the Church down below] and married my father in 1951. They just had their 62nd anniversery on 12/31/2013. My father is rumored to be the youngest "special agent for the FBI" hired by J.Edgar Hoover. They have had a wonderful life, big sports fans, Steeler season ticket holders, been to a Super Bowl etc. but my father developed dementia and mom's final years have been complicated by all the care my father needs.
She has always dreamed of seeing your show live, apparently she became a fan after seeing your first live tv appearence on Johnny Carson, and I can say firsthand she has enlightened countless folks [myself included] to your style of entertainment. This trip to see you today has been the result of a concerted effort by her family in the hopes that both the break from dad's condition and FINALLY getting to see her favorite "star" will renew my mother's resolve and strengthen her through her final years.
I and my family thank you for bringing so much to mother's life, so please be advised one of your oldest, most enthusiastic fans in the world will be blessed with her dream of actually watching Ellen LIVE! May God continue to Bless you and yours.
Thank you for your time.
George Cooper