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Name Genevra
Age 40
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Hobbies taking photos (especially ones that make people smile) arts/crafts
About Me I am a people lover..the one whose there always to talk & try to uplift the spirits or bring words of encouragement & hope or maybe a helpful opinion. I wish I could help all of my loved ones...I love my life no matter what I have been through & theres nothing I love more that to see people smile & see that true real love you only see in some couples eyes. I love mother nature & the happiness it brings me especially when I can capture the beauty in a photograph. Not that I'm a takes me away from life & makes my inner soul happy :) I love love love music and to never see a sad face when theres dancing goin on! We had really hard times as I was growing up & I love my parents so dearly & was not ready to have them both taken from me yet. I struggle so hard inside without my mom, I've been so lost without her. But they taught me what money, love, family & what is most important in life. I have 4 kitties... Jo, Mo, Coco & Tonto and no kids....but my kitties are my kids..I love them so. I have a ton of neices and nephews that I love so much, they are like my kids too :) Thats about it I think...maybe too much :) Omg..and how can I forget to say Halloween..I love Halloween...its the one day of the year that you can be anything you want to be :)
Ellen's Birthday Busts
545 days ago

Hi Ellen!! :)HAPPY BIRTHDAY:) My 4 kitties & I love watching your show sooooo can take me from a smile to totally cracking up in tears on my worst days. You received so many busts for your birthday..I love seeing that there are still so many creative people out there. What are you going to do with all those busts? (i can't even type this without smiling cause i have to keep typing busts..heehee) I have an idea for all those artistic busts :) Times are really hard right now and theres so many struggling in different ways...and I know you loved them all and probably had a blast looking at all of them..but what if you kept your most favorites and then maybe autographed the remaining ones and have like a charity auction. And then maybe to reach out a little farther to the smaller communties where there are so many that need help with paper products and food..maybe you could do something online and have people nominate their local churches and food pantries before the auction...maybe you could select like one organization for each piece auctioned or something like that. Just a thought :) I always wanna write stuff to you and never do..and now I wrote a book! lol Happy Birthday again!! Best wishes to you!! (and Portia too!)