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Michael J. Fox, L.A. Reid and YouTube Sensation Psy!
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I am excited about the fact that Michael J. Fox will be making his first appearance on your show. He made the public aware that he had been struggling with Parkinsons Disease in 1998 which was the year I was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson's Disease. Michael and I are the same age. Since he went public with his disease, he has done incredible things to help those of us suffering with this disease. In an effort to find a cure or at least improve the quality of one's life he has funded and pushed through research efforts. He has appeared before Congress trying to get more NIH funding, etc. He is amazing person with such a positive attitude. The fact that he has continued to act, do public speaking engagements, write books and raise a beautiful family is just so awesome. I honestly hope that we find a cure for this debilitating degenerative neurological disease. I had DBS surgery almost 2 years ago and it was truly life changing. I now am able to do things independently again. It would not have been possible without money donated for research. I have raised over 150,000 dollars since 2004 when I began raising money to find a cure by participating every year in the Parkinson's Unity walk which gives some of the money raised to Michael J. Fox foundation to fund research. I also hope that Michael will mention the Charity Miles fundraising application developed by Gene Gurkoff who helped start the Michael J. Fox foundation. It is an application that tracks how many miles you walk, bike, or run and donates to the charity you specify. One of which is the Fox Foundation. My niece Charlotte Matthews an aspiring actress was an intern for Mr. Gurkoff this summer. I hope Michael will mention this easy way to donate to charity as well as the Unity Walk. Ellen, I would love to have you join my team, Team Nashville for the Unity Walk in April of 2013. That would be really cool!! Think about it!!
Yours truly,