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Gary Klepak
Name Gary Klepak
Age 63
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Hobbies Movie collector and trivia; golf; Corvette enthusiast; exotic Parrots (aviculture)
About Me Licensed Trial Attorney in the State of Georgia; owner of Law Offices of Gary I. Klepak; Specializing in Family Law, personal Bankruptcy, and Wills and Probate. Have practiced law for 36 years as of 2014.
Gary Klepak
Ray Romano, Aldrich Talonding
139 days ago

I am taking my wife on a surprise 60th Birthday cruise to Hawaii, which leaves from L.A. on Nov 19th. I am dying to get her (and I) tickets to your show a day or so before we set sail, as she, as well as I, absolutely adore you and your show. The problem is that I have been going to your website to do this for over a month, and the ticket calendar does not go past the month of October. Will the month of November ever become available to get show tickets? If so, please let me know. We are flying in from Georgia, so this is a one shot deal for us. Getting to see your show live would be a super birthday gift for her.

Gary Klepak
Sofia Vergara and Ellen's CoverGirl Commercial: Das Bombshell
171 days ago

When will tickets for taping in the month of November become available online?