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Gary Holmes
Name Gary Holmes
Location Macon, Missouri
Age 62
Joined 618 days ago
Hobbies rebinding old books which will be returned to the owner, free except for supplies. Woodworking(the old way with hand tools).I also write poetry to relieve the pressures of PTSD.
About Me I am a 100% disabled Vietnam Veteran. I spend my time on my wife's(second wife) and my three acre plot of land in the middle of nowhere USA, with are dog Gunner, I attend church every Sunday, and I am a Volunteer Chaplains Assistant At the Harry S. Truman Veterans' Hospital located in Columbia,Mo. My callsign is WB, and when I sign something "official" I will use God Speed/ WB That's all folks.
Gary Holmes
See One Direction on Ellen!
618 days ago

Ellen, you should book the Veterans' Band, who are learning to play instruments after their injuries suffered in Their Service to Our Country!!!