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Gary Butler
Name Gary Butler
Location Carmichael, CA
Joined 435 days ago
Hobbies hiking, bike riding, reading, cooking, painting, and drinking wine. Oh, I love to dance too.
About Me I worked for an Airline for many years and have lived in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Detroit, Minneapolis, and many more cities, but now I live in Sacramento and have worked for the past 15 years in San Francisco. I commuted 200 miles each day. I was laid off in February of 2013. I can not make up my mind if I am retired or not. I do not feel that I am old enough to be retired. I really feel very young. I guess that has to mean I am very healthy. I am a vegetarian, exercise every day, worship the sun,(not good for the skin),but I love to be out side. My favorite place to live was in Playa del Rey. I would do any thing to retire and end my final chapter in life, in southern California. Well, that is all folks!
Gary Butler
Weekly Tweetly Roundup: Every Book Could Be a Mystery
201 days ago

I am ready for perfect skin but, I think a head of hair would be better!

Gary Butler
Message from Ellen
435 days ago

I love you Ellen, and I am happy for you and your wife. I am so simple that at first, I thought that you personally emailed me, and I almost had a heart attack. But, then life got real again. I look forward to all of your shows. Like the news letter.....