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Garrett Nemechek
Name Garrett Nemechek
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Hobbies Cooking, Riding Horses
About Me I am a 18 year old guy saving money for his two year associates degree in culinary arts.
Garrett Nemechek
Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner
631 days ago

Hey Ellen!! I LOVE your show!!!! Especially CLASSIC JOKE TUESDAY!!! I was wondering if you had any available tickets for this friday? I would love to come and see the show live. I also heard that One Direction is going to be there. I am a really big fan of them too. I would normally purchase tickets but i am saving what money i have to go to a culinary school. The tuition is what is going to kill me. Its $56,000 for my two semesters. So i have to save what money i have for that. I would really like to come out and meet One Direction.