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Gallia Lashley
Name Gallia Lashley
Location Pace, FL
Age 27
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Hobbies I would love for traveling to be my hobby... Shopping, cooking, TV, internet browsing, beginner sewing, and talking on the phone :)
About Me My name is Gallia Kimpiatu Kintaudi (Gallia Lashley) 5'10" tall, I'm married to Gregory Lashley and together we have 2 cats Tanganyika and Pembe :) I'm originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo. I just got my permanent residence card here (green card) so I can go anywhere in the world now with my husband with no complications. I love to cook and I do cook everyday. I'm actually in school now, getting a masters degree in science education and I don't know yet if I want to be a teacher. I would like to be a model someday if life smiles back at me or who knows an actress perhaps because I know how to cry, so says my husband. I cry when I laugh hard, when I'm angry, when I'm excited... I have a big and slick mouth sometimes but I'm working on it. I love music a lot though I cannot sing well nor play any instrument. And I love to dance. Thank you for having me as part of this big family Love, Gallia
Gallia Lashley
Message from Ellen
469 days ago

oh Ellen, how I miss your show... Can't wait to get out of here (school/work). Sometimes I'll call in sick just to watch your show :) so sad but of well. God bless you!

Gallia Lashley
Ellen is Going to Australia!
482 days ago

I wanna go, I wanna go, I wanna go, I wanna go, I wanna go, I wanna go, ...Please I wanna go to Australia. I've never been anywhere else but my country of birth and the United States. My husband and I would like a honeymoon since we never had one. Please for the love of Portia ;)
Thank you