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Gail H Turner
Name Gail H Turner
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Hobbies flower gardening crocheting
About Me I am 66 and not in very good health. Watching you makes me smile.I have been married almost 50 yrs. We have two sons and adopted and raised our oldest grand-daughter. We also have an 18 yr old grand-daughter and two grandson, one 13 and the other 15.
Gail H Turner
Message from Ellen
576 days ago

You took Oprah's place on my local cbs channel. At first I did not watch but have started watching. Love your show especially your kindness. Will continue to watch. You are so funny but mainly you are a caring and giving person. Must be the southern upbringing. I live in Georgia. Have been to New Orleans and Burbon Street. Have lots of pictures and memories from there.

Gail H Turner
J.R. Martinez's Emotional New Tattoo
589 days ago

J.R. you truly are amazing. Makes one proud to be any American. We have so much in this country and most of us do not appreciate it. GOD be you