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Gail Ballestas
Name Gail Ballestas
Location Clinton, Maine
Age 54
Joined 583 days ago
Hobbies camping with grand kids.
About Me I was born in Long Island N.Y. grew up in Conn. Met my husband Alberto in Bristol Conn.
Gail Ballestas
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415 days ago

I would love a new car, Im driving a 20 year old car. I would even settle for a 10 year old car.Times have been very hard. It is what it is. We just take one day at a time and thank the good lord for our life.

Gail Ballestas
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583 days ago

Hi Ellen good to hear from you. hope to be one of your winners. could really use a few of those things. love the camera you had today . between my husband and i, we have 7 grown children and 14 grand kids. was laid off from work in early October, just received my 1st unemployment check, it took almost 2 months. then i was called back to work as a temp. cut in pay and no bennies. Then i will be laid off again and go 6 to 8 weeks for a check again. Its a no win situation. having all the grand kids one thing a grammy needs is a camera. mine is old and beat. LOL And a mini van to fit them in. some are out of state. some here in Maine. A few in Conn. so all this stuff going on in Conn hit home. I also grew up there and my kids lived there a few years too. its where I met my husband.Too much crime there so i moved my kids back to Maine.M y hearts go out to all the families in Newtown Conn.It could of been our grandkids, but no matter what they are someones children,siblings or grandchild.Being a mom and grandma your biggest fear is having a child go before you. GOD BLESS ALL THE FAMILIES !Freom my fmily and I we wish you a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.BLESS YOU TOO ! for all the good deeds you do.