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gabriela cockriel
Name gabriela cockriel
Location chicago, illinois
Age 23
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Hobbies Raising my two beautiful children and my niece and nephew
About Me Well I just recently had a baby her name is logan and my son is three years old. About 6 months ago my sister had left me with her two children and frankly its been hard, but life goes on. My father owns the building we live in and he lives down stairs from us. There are about 12 people in this two story house. Its a big fixer upper but my dad is a handyman and I grew up working with him so I do as much as I can to help. I have a big heart and so does my father. We try to do so much and we have so little. I tell you I am proud of the father I have.
gabriela cockriel
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226 days ago

I love all the funny stuff that ellen comes up with