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görkem berke kütük
Name görkem berke kütük
Location The Hague, Netherlands
Age 14
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Hobbies swimming,talking 24/7, playing on my ps3 and other stuff
About Me i am 12 years old i go to secondary school i am a first year pupil and ummm i live with my mother and brother my parents are divorced :( i have not seen my father in 8 years but everything is going great because i have a family that takes good care of me we always laugh go to thing we love MC dondalds yammie well that was is i think i have writed a little to much XD
görkem berke kütük
Selena Gomez, The Killers
655 days ago

hee ellen AAAH i am so excited to write this comment i watch your show
right after i come home from school i open up youtube and watch every single new video that you placed i watch it so much that if i must sleep i take my blackberry and watch agaın and agaın sometimes i put earplugs in and open it and then just sleep but sometimes my mom caughts me and takes my phone away for 2 days but it is worth it you know why because its you