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Jamie Foxx, One Direction
585 days ago

I remember last time One Direction was on your show I never got an email and I called the standby number but it was too late. I would really like to see these 5 boys because they mean so much to me! I dedicate my entire life to them and it would mean the world to see them live. I just need tickets so me and my bestfriend's dream could come true! Whenever I see a chance to see them I gain hope, so you should likes totes choose me. Me and my bestfriend are hugeeeee directioners and we'd do anything to go to your show!

See One Direction on Ellen!
628 days ago

I never received an email or anything so i'm confused about it. My friend applied a while ago and got her email but I didn't ._. I would really love to see them because I am a HUGE fan. Thanks for giving directioners an opportunity to let us see them. I love your show!