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Fred Fisk
Name Fred Fisk
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Hobbies sports, hunting, bowling, reading.
About Me I'm a normal person from Oregon who helps out wherever i can.
Fred Fisk
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582 days ago

Hello Ellen. My name is Fred Fisk. I live in Oregon and I'm writing to enter a very good friend in the 12 days. Her name is Kerrie Roat-Doebler. She has been diagnosed with MS. Since her diagnosis that has changed somewhat. She has visited other doctors such as a neurologist and a rheumatologist. They tested her for skin disease, took muscle tissue samples, blood tests, communitation from her brain to muscle tests, arthritis tests and more, Yet still no conclusive outcome for what it is that is destroying her body. They have told her that there is no cure for whatever it is that she has and will try and make her as comfortable as they can. The doctors said they will send her to occupational and physical therapy. So it would be a huge gift for her and her family if she was chosen.

Thank you Ellen

Fred Fisk