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Frankie M Clark
Name Frankie M Clark
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About Me Love education, learning and your show now that I watch it almost daily. Don't have Cable, TV reception not good. Proved Nicotine was a poison in High School Science Project 1950's. Got past being bullied horribly and earned attention excelling in sports, academics and going to bat for fellow classmates in school worked hard for Church, family, school, and Community. Taught 2 years to satisfy student loans and left teaching to study how to make this world a better place for children, young people and to gain and help bring others gain awareness. Worked very hard in life for others. Now must focus on self care and help self more. Really a good person, but cause attacks trying to bring about change for mankind, eliminate racism and discrimination, called n word on block I live on and struggle surviving around others who don't like hearing the truth as I see it.
Frankie M Clark
No Dogs Beyond This Point
520 days ago

This beauty is a Black version of my Chocolate "Sir Choc Li" Lab Mix. Love the Pets you showcase. I'd love to show you my four cats and my Lab. When I figure out how to, I'll send photos to you. <3

Frankie M Clark
Message from Ellen
584 days ago

Love your show, obviously you are doing things right. Keep up the great work. I had no photos in iphoto; they were all erased when repair replacing the logic board and cleaning the Ovaltine out. Still seems to need more work. I need to follow the Guide to using it before doing anything. I took Photo Booth pictures and don't know how to get to them to post a photo when asked. One came through; my drivers license photo. Really seems photos were being captured elsewhere as I took them using the computer camera with Photo Booth.

I enjoy your show very much though didn't think I would because I've been so upset with the Watch Captains Neighbors on my Block Ellen I'd like you to make this public knowledge, it's dangerous that this bullying is encouraged. Im a Senior, Disabled person and children are suffering because of this contagious disease here in Dunedin, Florida.