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Name Suki1992
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Hobbies In my spare time I like to play the piano, violin, and guitar. I also enjoy reading (Fiction-Novels, special romance/supernatural) I "super" enjoy reading Japanese manga, and watching mostly Japanese anime movies.
About Me About me *thinking* Well, I consider myself to be a very ambitious, intelligent and friendly young lady. I am very out-going, capable of being very social, but choose to be reserved most of the time. My first language is Spanish, then English, and I also speak Japanese very fluently. I am the only one in my family who speaks 3 languages. Both my parents only speak Spanish, and my brother speaks English & Spanish. I learnt how to speak Japanese 3 years ago all own my own. I've never been to Japan though, never met a Japanese in my life, ironic isn't?
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293 days ago

I enjoy your show- watch you from Belize.

Do You Know Anyone in this Photo?
293 days ago

Yup Yup.. It's you Ellen, right in the center with the flower dress.You can't

Did You Beat The Odds to Get Into College?
293 days ago

Yes Ellen! I have beaten the odds to get into the College of my dreams.

It has always been my dream/goal to become a Lawyer and create my own Law Firm after it. I know that it's a really tough path that awaits me going "solo," after my degree, but I really want to be independent when making my decisions when helping other people with my future profession. I believe I have what it takes to do so, and I also believe this is my calling, and where my heart wants to be.

I sent my inquiry a few days ago explaining my situation, please help me! I received my Unconditional Offer this September 25th, and I am required to make a full payment before Nov 25th to start my classes this January 6th, 2014.

Your assistance will make a big difference in my life, because I don't want to be here in this current position, I don't want to be what the world wants me to be, I want to more, and excel.

I have all my supporting do***ents ready if you desire to verify the above.

Thanks for given us all this opportunity to share with you.

God bless you :-)