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About Me A married retired Phone Company employee with 2 children and 2 grandchildren. No outside activities (cause of physical factors).
Frances Byrum
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This comment has to do with Cancer Awareness Month.....Couldn't find any other way to relay this story. It is about Evelyn Whitaker (50) who has gone through almost every kind of cancer possible (in about 8 yrs time). During this time she has maintained her own personal business called Classic Keys. She has 1 employee (my daughter) and kept her somewhat employed. Her business has suffered a lot in the last 5 years (due to medical). She has kept a very happy outlook on it all and is a very Christian person. I would like to see her get on your show & possibly go to the world series as well. Also take part in the give away time (with my daughter included). Evelyn is a very giving person and things are going to be better for her in life as well....I wish God Speed for her & husband.