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Name Frances
Location Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Age 13
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Hobbies Bingo and reading and watching Ellen
About Me I love Ellen she is generous and loving. And has a hugh heart for every one in the world. she sees no color when it comes to human beings. She is as good to her black folowers as she is to her white folowers. I love her very much.
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207 days ago

Dear Ellen
My little girl wrote to Santa ..... Dear Santa last year you didn't come to my house.. I don't believe in you any more. You are a bad Santa. Maybe it is because there are a lot of shootings in my neighborhood. And you were afraid. But I am a good girl I just can't move cause we are too poor. But I don't do bad things.
I love you Ellen
From a 6 year old Etta

Message from Ellen
254 days ago

I am a 75 year old African American women... And I love Ellen she is my idol.. And I pray for her every day.
Love you Ellen Frances