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France V Dudoit
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Hi Ellen, first let me say I applaud you & all you do for those in need. My daughter Danielle is such a person. She is a single Mom of 2 gorgeous kids and still un-employed. For the most part she makes due and knows how to stretch a dollar, I will help out in a pinch like pay her cell bill, or a few dollars for other needs. Sometimes she'll ask to purchase a few food items with her link card and then I can give her cash. The biggest issue she faces is that she has no car. Her's was totaled in an accident going on 1 year. It was from a semi and the case is still pending in court for pay out. In the mean time she get's rides from the family or borrows my car when she needs to. I guess the blessing in all of this is that she walked away from the accident as you know a Semi can cause severe damage if not loss of life. So if you get to read this little note and find it in your heart to help her out that would be great. Unfortunately she has no cable so can't watch your show, cable is a luxury in her home. Thanks Ellen for the read and all the good you do. Be blessed during the holidays!