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Fran Palmer
Name Fran Palmer
Age 66
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Hobbies Reading, my grandchildren and great grandchildren I love my cat "ditto" and teaching het to do things.
About Me As per my birthdate, I do what I can, age permitting. Love to laugh and have fun. Live life, while I'm here, the best I can.
Fran Palmer
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218 days ago

Seems like people all over the Country have been having weather that is not condusive to this time of the year. It' either been incredably nice or so bad that one can't even imagine.
I and my family who live on the east coast have been very lucky as far a bad bad weather is concerned, except for Long Island and immediate area, we should all count our lucky stars for that. I send my blessings and prayers to all and hope everyone is ok. I wish I could do more but....not possible.
Again, Love, Blessings and Prayers to all.

Fran Palmer
It's Day 9 of 12 Days!
222 days ago

Hi Ellen,
This is my second time doing this,so if I get it wrong, evidentally I will soon learn the right way. I thought I got it right the first time but guess not. WOOPS!
I absolutely love your show. There is no other that can compare!! You are the most uncommonly caring person that I have ever had the pleasure of watching. I wish I could say that I knew you, but I can't. Someday!!
I would love nothing more than to win one of your 12 dsys of Christmas for my Grandchildren and Great grandchildren and their parents, my children. They are both having difficult times with their finances and there isn't much I can do as I am on Social Secuity and it sucks!
You have done soooo much for kids that it makes me cry everytime you have kids on and do for them. And,I cry. I literally bawl and sob. To see the looks on their faces does it for me. You are the best. There is NOONE that makes me cry but you.There should be more like you in this world.....but there isn't that I know of.
Keep up the good things that you are doing and you and Portia will always be number one on all lists for the vertical entry into the ever after.
Thank you for being you,

Feelings of serenity to you.

Fran Palmer

Fran Palmer
Win Day 9 of 12 Days!
223 days ago

I so absolutely love Ellen and all she does for everyone! Her compassion is above and beyond anyone I have ever known or anyone I will ever meet. You can't do better than the best!!! And Ellen is!!!
Quick question---Why haven't you called, can't remember her name, the young lady from Texas? Mabel? She has a drink to celebrate anything!!?? Love when you call her on the air!!