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Justin Bieber
352 days ago

Hei Ellen !
I live in Germany but i saw many of your shows on the internet.
I really have the wish to meet Justin Bieber but i really think that there is no chance because i live in Germany and you don't have a show here ! I watched his interviews online and I also watched the videos when Justin surprise his fans. That makes me so jealous and it's so sad to know that we haven't got a show in Germany with Justin Bieber. In Germany you still have no chance that Justin Bieber comes to surprise you. If it were possible I would fly to you if I knew I could meet him.I really hope you read this ! And i also know that there is really not a big chance to meet him because he has soooo many fans and everybody has the wish to meet him. I just wanted you to know that here is someone from Germany who watch your videos online and is a big Justin Bieber fan !

xoxo Fortuna :)