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Felicia Tawil
Name Felicia Tawil
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Hobbies Running an out of pocket Animal Sanctuary; A sanctuary for misfit animals that are either handicapped, special needs, or just not wanted by society.
About Me I thought I had this filled out yrs ago :o/ But in answer to the question, I am Living the life of "Be Careful What You Ask For" ... When asked when I was little, "what are you going to be when you grow up?", I answered that I was going to run an animal sanctuary for orphan animals, I would know vets to fix them, & I would groom them to help find them loving homes. & those that couldn't find a new home of their own could stay with me. Well, unintentionally I got what I asked for & been a sanctuary to a variety of orphans for over 22 years, with the property my parents built to retire in, but Dad passed away 6 weeks prior to retirement. I moved up here "Temporarilly", over 22 yrs ago. With the help of my retired mom & my sister, we have cared for & relocated over 200 orphans in the past 30 yrs. Shame I never thought to include in that answer that I would have a well-to-do husband, to help with this endeavor :o} Too late now ;o) By the way, I have been a huge supporter of Halo Pets, Way Before I knew Ellen was part owner... I've been recommending the Vita Mineral Supplement for Ages, & my who family uses it (sparingly ;o) when in the budget. Thank You for this palatable & easy to give supplement for our lil one's & seniors ~.~ And for all you do for so many. If at anytime you would be able to consider our efforts for orphans, called Aid 4 Animals (on Facebook), for Any support could help us turn decades of work into a nonprofit, which the title alone would be a life raft for years of helping animals in need, out of pocket. Bless you & all of your staff for being such a motivating and inspiring contribution to so many.
Felicia Tawil
J.R. Martinez's Emotional New Tattoo
596 days ago

More than the Tattoo, I very much appreciate the story of his mother's smile. During the most difficult of times, for not just myself, but so many... I watch your show to find my smile every day, from day 1, as I'm sure so many do. The accomplishment is finding the smile without reason, and available throughout every day. As we strive for bettering our lives, having that smile in spite of cir***stances, could be the foundation of good things to come. Thank You J.R., & Another Thank You to Ellen for finding my smile in another day ~.~