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Fatemeh Rahmhessari
Name Fatemeh Rahmhessari
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Hobbies Being my children's number one fan!
About Me Proud mom of my two beautiful daughters, Jessica and Alexis, single mom, my kids and I are HUGE fans of the Baltimore Ravens! #RavensNation My children are my heart and soul!
Fatemeh Rahmhessari
Are You Excited for This Year's Super Bowl?
550 days ago

Ellen my daughter, Jessica, is a HUGE and I mean HUGE die heart Baltimore Rvens fan. She can never stop talking about them! Her favorite player, Ray Lewis, has always been a role model that she has looked up to. His inspirational voice has helped Jessica not give up on her dreams and for her to keep fighting for her dreams even though she has experienced some huge changes in her life these past couple of years. She has been a crazy Baltimore Ravens fan since they stepped foot in Baltimore in 1996. She would do anything to see her favorite player and role model play one last time in NOLA. it would be a dream come true for her!