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Will and Jaden's Obstacle Course!
433 days ago

I just loved today's show with Willow Smith and Jaden Smith, it was the best show ever. I hope they will be back again with Willow Smith altogether.

Play Ellen's Winner Wonderland Contest -- And Win Every 12 Days Prize!
596 days ago

Ellen you have a beautiful heart, I love the way you gave money to those guys that helped Amy. You are just amazing!

A Day in Ellen's Photos, Featuring Drew Carey!
599 days ago

Aww I love this video, I whish I was there so I could see Ellen on 12 days of giveaway.

Keira Knightley's Bridal Tea Party
614 days ago

Haha Ellen you are soooo funny. Andy with his sexy legs.

Blue Man GIF
615 days ago

Who ever you dance with you make that dance hilarious Ellen.
I love watching your show.

Quote of the Day: Bridesmaids
616 days ago

If Ellen goes to Tea time with Sofia Grace and Rosie, it will be hilarious.

One Direction and Keira Knightley
616 days ago

Hi Ellen:
I hope you invite One Direction to your show one more time for the people that requested the ticket but didn't get the call. My daughter loves One Direction, and we all love you and your show.

One Direction Fans Are Here!
620 days ago

My daughter Jasmin S.applied for ticket but she didn't get the call. She really wishes that she was there, she loves One Direction. That could have been a very nice break from her midterm. A very nice break from her midterm.

My daughter Jasmin S. applied for tickets but she didn't get the call. She loves One Direction. Maybe next time.

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