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Faith Antonaros
Name Faith Antonaros
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Hobbies Recreating ordinary dishes to gourmet dishes that are healthy and tasty.
About Me I now am a FT caregiver for my sweet husband Danny, which has compromised my health. I am thankful that I can be with him as he's very appreciated. The highlight of my day is watching your show. It's so entertaining and funny and shows me others have it much worse. I need to make the best and be thankful for what I have even at times it is hard as I don't have much time for myself. I get up about 4 am everyday because of pain and also to have time to myself..I look at every day as a gift and YOU are that kind of individual as well..Thank You Ellen..
Faith Antonaros
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445 days ago

Oh my gosh..I remember this show..I can't believe how long it's been and how long I have been your fan..You are so dang funny and the guests you have compliment the person you are..Thank you so much..I remember the snake episode like it was was so funny and i was so glad the snake let make my day...My husband set it up to tape so we won't miss the Dr appts sometimes are at that time..Thank You for your candor..

Faith Antonaros
Message from Ellen
506 days ago

We would love to go to Australia..Already have our We have had so many trials I. Our time. We now have found out that a Dr left a catheter with tube and needle left in my husbands back by a Dr who said it was no big thing. This surgery was done In August of 2006. It has since calcified in my sweet husbands back and now getting an opinion from UCLA.. We need time away to get through all this madness and enjoy some time to not worry about this situation. He has had so many complications and now things have settled down enough for time off..I take care of him and I need the time where we can enjoy a vacation. We watch you everyday and you make things better just by watching your show. Thank You Ellen..Love, Faith and Dan Antonaros..Also it's our 9th anniversary and my 61 st Birthday..Cool , huh??