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Compliments of the season, i write to you from Lagos,*****ia. I watch your show on TV when i have the opportunity but i prefer watching it on YouTube from work. I so much love what you do for people and the way you go about putting smiles on their faces.

I know it may not really be possible for you to extend your helping hands to people like us outside the states who have one or two stories to tell and share with people.

Despite the fact that am based far from you and may not really get through to you i just feel the joy of sharing this.

I write this about my mom whom i see as the world's greatest. She after waiting for 9 years gave birth to 4 kids, raised myself and my three other siblings alone after a ghastly car accident that claimed the life of my father 19 years ago. As a typical African family we survived through thick and thin despite the neglect from relations (uncles, aunts etc)who were more concerned about all they could get from the little left by my father.

My mum runs a local restaurant where from there she gets the little she could to source for our clothing, shelter, school fees and other necessities.

At least now after going through all the struggles in life i graduated from college where i schooled and worked at the same time so as to carter for my little needs as a student and my siblings are doing well in school with the last kid of my mum in his final year in high school.

I wish i could do all to make sure that the efforts put in by my mum as regards bringing us up alone would be rewarded and i also want to use the opportunity to say a big thank you to my mum, you and all those that show kindness.