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evelyn cintron
Name evelyn cintron
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Hobbies like watching shows like yours
About Me I am originally from New York the Bronx,Now living in Las Vegas
evelyn cintron
Tyler Perry, Ludacris
422 days ago

Hi Ellen:
I would love to play even sign in on something to see if I was lucky enough to win one of your fantastic prizes, but I do not have any of those expensive phones or anything where I can download I would have love to download viggle but I couldn't. Is there any other way I can particate

evelyn cintron
Ellen and Portia's Anniversary Skywriting Through the Years
471 days ago

You are a beautiful, talented , and special person. You make a lot of peoples dreams come true.
wish I could be on your show one day.

evelyn cintron
Message from Ellen
597 days ago

Love your show and think you are a very special person,and to some people you are there Santa. How do you enter to try and win your twelve days of Christmas gifts or how about eight days of Chanukah gifts.