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evelyn c ohara-stine
Harry Connick, Jr. on 'American Idol'
151 days ago

Ellen, Never have I been more confused by a season of american idol!!I am wondering if you can explain something to me about this season. Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr did not like Keith London's song choice because they felt keith was being cute, and didn't like him singing the I am a boy with the pronoun boy, talked through his auditon and then questioned him when keith tried to defend his song choice, and keith replied he chose it because it had a message about not judging people. As a result, Keith was put on the spot, and eventually came out. We never get to see Keith's group in Hollywood week. BUT then when M K comes out after she is put through harry connick makes a statement "Oh my God, what a wonderful day in our country…”. To me that is hypocritical and very confusing!! So it's okay for a woman to come out on american idol, but keith london could not sing a song about being a boy, and back up a season Adam Lambert couldbn't come out until after the winner was picked on his season. I just don't get it, and neither do i think it is fair. Maybe Keith did't have the best voice, but he did deserve some respect as a contestant, and i just don't feel he got it!! Thanks, Evelyn