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Eunice kandolo
Name Eunice kandolo
Location Sioux falls, SD
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Hobbies Sing trying to dance and playing the alto sax
About Me Im an outgoing person who really like to compete against all sorts of people
Eunice kandolo
Wanna Play a Game Against Your Friend or Sibling?
421 days ago

Ummm.... First of all hi and second im just thrilled to have a chance at last but anyway

Um i love when me ane my cosions are sitting there in awkward silence and then some one says some thing and its like we are all together there being told what to do like actors and its always me who always says "our lives could be a tv show and all we would need would be a camara and nothin else!" i think me and ma cosions and lil bros and sises could really use it becuase we're always makin fun of each other and are always up for a challange :-)