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Erma Perenkovich
Name Erma Perenkovich
Joined 605 days ago
Hobbies One of my favorite things to do is watching Ellen. Makes my day.
About Me I'm a 53 year old female who is disabled. I broke my neck in car accident years ago. I love my cats and friends, but Ellen makes me laugh.
Erma Perenkovich
J.R. Martinez's Emotional New Tattoo
594 days ago

J.R. is wonderful. To go through all he's been through and still have such a good heart. A man with a lot of pride. Good thing....

Erma Perenkovich
Wanda's Trip to the Aquarium
603 days ago

This is the very first time I found You on computer. I've only had a computer for about 2 months. I feel so dumb. Did you know that youmight have a scam going on with your web site. Maybe not, I'm new at this. They asked me a few questions about you and told me congratulations, you've won ; I thought , How cool. But to my surprise, they wanted me to buy something. This was pretty upsetting for me; Never thought that was something that could happen with Ellen. I love your show. In my world, laughter is just what the Doctor ordered. Thanks so much.