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Hi Ellen, my name is Erin Worley. I am fourteen years old, very self confident, and overweight. I feel as if I could be the Cover girl because, well, I'm normal. I don't cover up with a bunch of make up, I don't act to be someone I'm not, I'm just a normal, teenage girl. I think that, in life, we should have real people in magazines, on T.V, etc,not airbrushed supermodels. You're real, and so am I.
Let me tell you a bit about myself. I LOVE One Direction, I'm very smart, and I love Covergirl products.
What would spend $20,000 on? I'll be honest, I would buy my friends' and I One Direction tickets. I would then buy my older brother laptops for school, I would like to donate some money to a charity. Finally, I would give any money left to my parents' who struggle so much to provide a good life for myself and my three brothers. Thank you Ellen, you're a wonderful woman, I watch your show everyday, and I love you.