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Erica Leone
Name Erica Leone
Location Tulsa, OK - Oklahoma
Age 44
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Hobbies Definitely watching ELLEN Everyday,Watching Friends too, My Children are my Hobbies.
About Me I'm 42 about to be 43 on January 29, I Love to watch ELLEN everyday she makes me laugh and just like Ellen I Love people so much too! I come from a Mentally Ill Dysfunctional Family, I WAS RAPED AND MOLESTED starting at 9 years old, by my Eye Dr. and Best Friends Mothers boyfriend, and a few other men, Was married for 11 yrs. till he started doing drugs and having an affair ! My ex husband got the Flu and died last March 12, 2012, we had two children together, but I have four altogether. My oldest daughter is 26, I got pregnant from her Father when I was only 15 years old and He was 22 yrs. old it was a very crazy relationship but my Mom told him every where I was and he would come there, she also knew he was raping me but I GUESS SHE DIDN'T CARE. Maybe to because my Brother who is 5 years older me was turned Mentally Ill young and was Violent at age 13. He would threaten to kill us if we tried to call the Police on him and my Father worked two jobs so my mother could be home with us, but my brother threatened my Dad with a Baseball Bat when he was only 13 yrs. old and my Dad was like scared of him, My Mom came from a Father that was a Child Abuser so when my brother got mad she said he looked just like her Father. We lived with my Brother crazy and Violent for 5 years. Of course he did all kinds of Drugs back then with his friends and even drank and inhaled Spray Paint cans, so all that didn't help his already mental illness. My life is totally different today through Lots of Therapy, I wouldn't let nobody touch one of my Children without killing them though!! I do have a broke back though now, but I had two surgeries on it by a bad Dr. and I also have a pinch nerve on my spine, from that Dr. messing me up. Also my Left Knee is pure arthritis due to falling on it all the time due to my back. I had surgery on it and that Dr. also can't fix my knee right I have a joint sticking out on my knee cap that shouldn't be. But hey I'm alive and Love my children and ELLEN makes me Laugh Everyday so I'm happy!!
Erica Leone
Super Bowl Show, Portia's Birthday!
544 days ago

Ellen I have to tell you that I just Love you and I'm so happy that today is your birthday and then I saw the picture of Portia and you about your 4th Anniversary then next I saw were Portia's Birthday is on Super Bowl Day, man I can see the Love you have for her! It is so rare these days to actually see Couples even liking one another but with you two I can see the Love you both have for each other, It is so Beautiful to see. You both look like you were made for each other it really makes me Happy to see you in Love because watching your show really makes me happy and I haven't had much of happiness in life except for my children. No man yet ever tells me the stuff a woman needs to hear every once in a while at least. You both are so Gorgeous and it really shows in the pictures but the pictures also show the Love you both have for each other. Erica L. Tulsa, Oklahoma